1. Another awesome sunny day in LA!

  2. Homemade healthy organic berries pancake

  3. cavetocanvas:

    Honoré Daumier, Mother, c. 1855

  4. cinemagorgeous:

    Just a few of the iconic movie moments shot by legendary cinematographer Gordon Willis (May 28, 1931 - May 18, 2014).

    By Gordon Willis.

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  5. The future generation.

  6. wetheurban:

    ART: Animated Gifs: Hopper by Ibon Mainar

    The American painter Edward Hopper—the man who brought the world the iconic diner-set Nighthawks which became a meme long before the internet was around—gets an animated update in these stylish GIFs from Spain artist Ibon Mainar.

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  7. felineillusion:

    Shirley: Visions of Reality / 2013 / dir. Gustav Deutsch

    Inspired by the art of American painter Edward Hopper

  8. edwardhopperuniverse:

    Office In A Small City


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  10. The sound of Heaven.

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  13. Christ is Risen

  14. Heisler Park, Laguna Beach

  15. exhibition-ism:

    Alex Roulette's strange and surreal oil paintings.